corporate events

brielle music has been the preeminent New York provider of music for corporate events for over twenty years. With songwriting expertise which ranges from pop, rock, hip hop and R&B to Broadway, and recording expertise from Busta Rhymes to Bernadette Peters, brielle finds the most compelling way to turn a corporate objective into an emotional musical statement and achieve most effective messaging and results.

Whether creating a musical id for a video logo, or a complete original modern musical cast number, our team’s experience in theatre, records and TV gives us the leading edge to better advise, develop, and execute the right creative. Whether your audience is thirteen award winners in the Bahamas or 30,000 insurance agents at Madison Square Garden; whether your show is thirty street performers who become headliners in Las Vegas, or your executive team who becomes a part of an original musical number, brielle’s diverse experience is your greatest asset.

brielle music can

  • write and produce original songs, lyrics, parodies and underscores for corporate meetings and special events.
  • collaborate with creative directors and clients to develop proposals and conceive shows.
  • produce and present music for live client pitches, together with talent and sound gear
  • provide pre-show and onsite musical direction
  • provide all musical talent, actors, singers, dancers, musicians and star talent, locally across the country.
  • produce, record, edit and mix music and voice-overs at our New York affiliated digital studio in TriBeCa, or in our state of the art digital studios in our historic 1850 schoolhouse in NJ, with a sensitivity to on-site acoustics that only years of on-site experience can provide.
  • customize original songs and underscores from our vast music library, created over the last twenty years.

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